iiN - innovation is Near

iiN - innovation is Near

iiN - innovation is Near

Your contact days with Russian Market

Moscow - October 2019

What is iiN?

  This is a new project of Moscow Design Week. The project's curator is Alessandro Guerriero. iiN is the possibility of meetings between all those who think of architecture in a new way. At the center of attention – new materials, new processes, new projects.

  The exhibition of the new architecture will be held in Moscow in the large halls of the World Trade Center from May 16 to 18, 2019: three days full of meetings to exchange ideas and find ways that will bring new business to everyone.

iiN is organized by Moscow Design Week with the support of Interni Russia.

The project consists of 3 components:

- iiN Spaces

- iiN Talks

- iin Award


The “iiNSpaces”

  Each exhibitor will have a stand of 4 square meters. You can present your innovative solutions to the Russian architectural community and receive guests. The catalog of participants will be uploaded to the site and will be always available to everyone.

  In addition to the usual services of a large hotel, World Trade Center offers conference rooms of various sizes for meetings with numerous delegations, interpreters, a concierge for reservations and other services.


The “iiNTalks”

  On the first day of iiN, a continuous series of innovations will be held. Each speaker will present his idea within 15 minutes. iiN Talks will be broadcast on exhibition screens and online. Thus, the site will become a permanent online exhibition “innovations in architecture” accessible to everyone. The program will be made public before the exhibition.

The “iiNAward”

During the exhibition the first "iiNAword" will be assigned: a jury of experts will identify 5 important Russian architectures, selecting them for aesthetic, technological, design, material, process innovation and so on.

This will demonstrate the most important success stories, designed to discover new ways and create new incentives for the entire architectural world. The reward will also have its own section on the site. 

Visitor Profile 

From 15 to 19 May 2019 will be held for the 20th time the largest exhibition in Russia - Arch Moscow, and professionals from all over Russia will come to Moscow. Therefore, visitors to iiN will be:

- architects

- designer

- interior designer

- buyers

- engineers

- urbanists

- government agencies

- developers

- students of university of architecture, construction and design of the last year of study

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